International Buddhist University (IBU), Tripura, India

Council of Patrons (Global Buddhist leaders and donors)

Executive Council - The Executive Council is the Principal Executive Body of the University. The Executive Council may create supernumerary post and a post of Professor Emeritus. The Executive Council shall take action with regard to the number and qualifications of the teachers. It shall give due consideration to every resolution of the Court and take appropriate action thereon as it shall deem fit and report to the Court. Any decision taken by Academic Council, Examination Committee and Finance Committee is approved by Executive Council. The constitution of Executive Council is as follows:

Academic Council - The Academic Council is the principal academic body of the University and is subject to the provisions of the Statutes and the Ordinances, co-ordinate and exercise general supervision over the academic policies of the University. Academic Council recommends degrees, diplomas, certificates, medals and other rewards and distributions that may be awarded by the University. It controls and regulates the maintenance of the standard of instructions, education and research carried on or imparted in the University. It finalises all academic matters including matters relating to examination conducted by the University. It also considers recognition of degrees and diplomas of other Universities and institutions and their equivalence with the degrees and diplomas of the University. It has the following constitution:

Examination Council - The Examination Committee supervises all the examinations of the University including moderation and tabulation to ensure their proper conduction and review from time to time the results of the University. The Examination Committee may take action whenever necessary against the candidates, paper setters, examiners, moderators or any other person connected with the conduct of an examination of found guilty of malpractices in relation to conduct of the examination. The members of the Committee are:

Finance Committee - The Finance Committee of the University is the principal financial body of the University which takes care of the financial matters. The Finance Committee guides the Finance Officer on matters relating to the administration of the property and funds of the University. It having regard to the income and resources of the University, may fix limits for the total recurring and non recurring expenditure within the approved budget of the ensuing financial year. The budget and financial estimates of the University prepared by the Finance Committee for the ensuing financial year is placed before the Executive Council of the University. The members of the committee are:

Quality Development Committee - The QDC plans, guides and monitors Quality Assurance in teaching-learning process, evaluation procedures and examinations; Quality research, consultancy & extension activities; Collaboration with national & international partners for training/student exchange/faculty exchange/ research/resource sharing various academic programs / activities and Quality Enhancement activities of the various Schools and departments of the University. It conducts Academic and Administrative Audits to improve the academic and administrative performance in all aspects of the University operations.

Faculty Board - All decisions taken by the Board of Studies shall be considered by Faculty Board and shall, thereafter, be forwarded to Academic Council. Faculty Board recommends the panel of examiners to the Vice-Chancellor, considers research proposals of various departments, supervises activities of academic, research or otherwise in various departments under it.
The constitution of the Faculty Board is as follows:

  1. Dean of Faculty: Chairman
  2. Principal of the College
  3. All Professor or senior most teachers of the departments
  4. Two external experts, if needed

Board of Studies - A Board of Studies may be constituted for one or more than one department of the Faculty as may be decided by the Dean concerned.The Board of Studies shall prepare, examine the syllabus keeping in view of the objective, interest of the stake holders, national requirements and finalise its recommendation for consideration and approval of the Academic Council. It comprises as follows:

  1. Head of Department concerned : Chairman
  2. All Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors of the department.
  3. Two external experts of the concerned subjects duly approved by Vice-Chancellor on recommendation of Head of Department.
  4. One representative from Industry/Corporate Sector/Allied area.
  5. One post graduate meritorious alumni nominated by Head of Institution.

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