Vision And Mission

To be the international Buddhist platform for creation of erudite ‘Dhammaduthas’ and scholars, disciplined through mastery of the Buddha dhamma, who take the message of peace through Buddha’s teachings to the world and to offer the global youth, through the insight and depth of Buddhist lens, a better understanding of the contemporary world to equip them with the dhamma in order to lead a healthy, peaceful and satisfying life.

Objectives of the University

To provide learning, teaching, capacity, capability and skills development and research, development in higher and technical education in all the modern knowledge domains and disciplines, as enlisted in the Statutes.
To provide instructions, teaching and training in Higher and Technical Education.
To create higher levels of cognitive and intellectual abilities,
To create and deploy new educational programs to promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for development and social reconstruction and transformation,
To create centers of excellence for research and development in Science & Technology and Socio Economic development, and for sharing knowledge and its application,
To provide professional and development services to the industry and public organizations & society,
To establish links, collaborations and partnerships with world’s top Buddhist universities and Centers, as well as with other higher education & research institutions in India and abroad, and accomplish all other objectives suggested in the DDIBU Act, 2019.

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